The finalists are here!

“Crazy enough”, “visually very exciting”, “compelling from the start”, “beautiful cinematography”: this is what members of the Quantum Shorts festival shortlisting panel had to say about films selected for screening.
The ten shortlisted films were chosen from a total of 203 submissions received during the festival’s 2016 call for entries. We thank all the filmmakers who entered for making our job of choosing just ten so tough!
Some of the finalists are dramatic, some funny, some abstract. Some are live-action film, some animation. Each is under five minutes long. But don't just take our word for it, go watch them. Here's the trailer. We list the titles and our synopses below - follow the links there to the full films. 
Live screenings of the films start February 23 with confirmed events in Waterloo (23 February) and Vancouver (23 February), Canada; Singapore (25-28 February); Glasgow, UK (17 March); and Brisbane, Australia (24 March).  Check this page for more details and links to register.
For making the shortlist, the filmmakers receive a $250 award, a one-year digital subscription to Scientific American and certificates. 
The festival’s top prize of US $1500 and runner-up prize of US $1000 will now be decided by a panel of eminent judges. The additional People’s Choice prize of $500 will be decided by public vote on the shortlist, with voting open here until 26 March. Prizes will be announced by the end of March.
We hope you enjoy the films! 
Quantum Shorts 2016: FINALISTS
What unites everything on Earth? That we are all ultimately composed of something that is both matter & wave
Submitted by Erin Shea, United States
Dancing cats, a watchful observer and a strange co-existence. It’s all you need to understand the essence of quantum mechanics
Submitted by Simone De Liberato, United Kingdom
The coin is held fast, but is it heads or tails? As long as the fist remains closed, you are a winner – and a loser
Submitted by Ivan D’Antonio, Italy
What happens when a massive star reaches the end of its life? Something that goes way beyond the spectacular, according to this cosmic poem about the infinite beauty of a black hole’s birth
Submitted by Thomas Vanz, France
A quantum love triangle, where uncertainty is the only winner
Submitted by Chetan Kotabage, India
Picking up a beverage shouldn’t be this hard. And it definitely shouldn’t take you through the multiverse…
Submitted by Adam Welch, United States
It’s a tale as old as time: boy meets girl, girl is not as interested as boy hoped. So boy builds spaceship and travels through multi-dimensional reality to find the one universe where they can be together
Submitted by Michael Robertson, South Africa
This is one of those days when Tom's morning routine doesn't go to plan – far from it, in fact. The only question is, can he be philosophical about it?
Submitted by Ben Garfield, United Kingdom
Only imagination can show us the hidden world inside of fundamental particles 
Submitted by Vladimir Vlasenko, Ukraine
Dr. David Long has discovered how to turn matter into waveforms. So why shouldn’t he experiment with his own existence?
Submitted by Bernard Ong, United States