Filming tips

If you need some help with film-making, here are some resources to get you started...
The Vimeo website has a pretty comprehensive video school:
You don't need fancy equipment. As this article makes clear, you could even edit your short on your phone:
The New York Film Academy has suggestions for keeping to a zero-budget:
You could dispense with on-screen actors and make an animation:
When it comes to content, have a good story to tell. That’s the first piece of advice from this short guide to making an awesome short:
The RainDance film festival’s blog offers seven excellent rules for writing short films:
And here are five top tips from short film-makers:
Whatever you do, take care about copyright and permissions. Here's an overview of things to consider, such as getting releases from participants and music rights. Check the rules where you are:
If you're just stumped about how to work quantum physics into your film, try soaking up some sci-fi. Here's a top-50 list:
Of course there are other ways to have a science theme. Browse the movies supported by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation's program for science and film to see how others have done it:
Or think like an artist and take your inspiration abstract. The winner of Quantum Shorts 2014, 20Hz by Semiconductor, was a film that did this beautifully: