About the Film: 
Thomas Vanz is a self-taught filmmaker and musician based in Paris, France. He tells us how he created a dramatic cosmic event in his garage. 
What’s your background in film and science?
I've been passionate about the stars since I was a child. I started making this video on my own recently because I wanted to make a movie that links both of my passions.
What sparked your interest in supernovae?
I have always been interested in astrophysics, especially in the beauty of the laws that rules the cosmos. A supernova is exceptional. It deserves an entire movie. It is the story of death giving life. 
A supernova is the death of a giant star but it has consequences that lead to birth: it creates the more advanced elements of the universe and outstanding nebulae. In this sense, it is one of the most comprehensive events of the universe, and that’s why I chose it. 
I tried making the movie with the same philosophy. I really wanted to make this project from A to Z, so I also made the soundtrack. I make music besides my video work.
Your two making of videos, NOVAE - Making of & Breakdowns part I  and NOVAE - Making of & breakdowns part II, show beautifully how you captured the film. How did you get the idea to use ink in an aquarium?
I shot all of my movie in an aquarium because I found that ink in water was the best way to catch fluid movement. I chose this medium in order to represent an explosion that burst everything in every direction. 
I installed a quick DIY set-up in my garage, then I really tried a lot of different inks and processes like blending ink with alcohol, or shooting from below. I wish I could have made even more attempts, with a bigger aquarium. It would have been even more impressive!
How did you hear about Quantum Shorts? How do you feel about being shortlisted?
I'm really excited - it's the first festival where I'm selected
What do you hope to evoke in people who watch Novae?
Being interested in space could focus people more on the future, and I think that really matters for humanity. If we think together as one humankind, it would increase the speed of research, and we would start thinking more about the whole solar system instead of doing war and useless stuff between ourselves on our pale blue dot.
About the filmmaker(s): 

Thomas Vanz is a self-taught video artist based in Paris. Over the past two years, he has started directing for brands such as Bethesda, Audi, and even the french cinema school "La femis" with the Sidekick collectif. 

He has since started a company. In 2016, he created this short movie about a cosmic journey to a star’s death, made with ink in water.


WINNER | FIRST PRIZE | Quantum Shorts 2016